Maison Jean Huttard, the story of a family passion

Local wines

“Maison Jean Huttard is the reflection of a family passion that has been passed down through generations. Independent winegrower in Zellenberg since 1860, our House is rich in its experience, its land acquired and worked over several decades and its commitment to sustainable and ecological viticulture. The new impetus is given by Antoine and Hélène, brother and sister, passionate about local wines, respect for living things and the environment. Dive here, in the heart of modern, dynamic and uninhibited Alsace … “


We work in the wake of previous generations to bring finesse, excellence and passion to our wines

Wines with strong personalities

Crus Village

From our villages are born these prints, impressions of the Landscape, reflections of the singularity of their Terroirs. Humility, finesse and elegance engrave this collection, let yourself be convinced by the purity of the wines!


Some things cannot be seen but can be tasted! These soils are exceptional in the vineyard and in the cellar, let yourself be enchanted by the emotion they provide.


Never say never ! We present here the exceptions that confirm the rule of our wines. Rare, exceptional, these vintages are as unpredictable as they are breathtaking. They come from the diversity of our terroirs, the richness of Nature and the winemaking experience.


These vintages come from the blend of terroirs on different slopes and villages. They are steeped in our past, our experience and are a reflection of a future, of an idea. Each wine has its own personality. This is an ode to the men and women who have marked, marked and will mark the history of our House.


Our House is a pioneer in the development of Crémants in Alsace, these sparkling wines alongside Champagnes in the production method. For almost 50 years, the development of our crémants has been reflected in patience. The time to raise, to assemble, to let become great Alsace crémants where respect for nature, passion and sobriety are restored.



“There is a very close connection between the bottle of wine, the place, the time and the people with whom you taste it” Eric Revel

Viticulture is a profession of sharing, openness and conviviality. We open the doors of our cellars to you and let you discover the riches of our passion and our Terroirs.

Wine & Tapas evenings, our kits, our wine bar, discover the full program of upcoming events.

Explore your senses

Visit our House & our cellar

Alsace and the small village of Zellenberg in the heart of the vineyard are undoubtedly a magnificent destination. Our region offers an exceptional combination of history, culture and landscapes. Renowned gastronomy and the delicious wines we produce make it one of the most interesting regions to visit. Here are some activities that you can practice on our farm or offer for a future visit.

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