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Our History

Start 1860

It all began in 1860, when Jean Baptiste, a young owner of vines, forests and orchards, began to make wine and sell it. A story is born and is simply passed on from father to son.

1900 – 1944

At the start of the 20th century, Charles & Agathe sensed the tourist impact of the wine route, they left the center of the village to buy a house on the edge of it. The constant passage makes it possible to acquire customers, attracted by the beauty of the places and buy wines, at a time when polyculture is still the rule.

… 1978

After having assumed the transition from bottling all the vines to the property, he was one of the first to grass the vines before 50’s, a revolutionary attitude at the time and an approach that was part of a logic of organic culture. Then, he was one of the five historic Alsatian producers to launch the Crémant d’Alsace appellation in 1974. He was also the first to plant plots of Chardonnay for an exclusive production in AOC Crémant d´Alsace.

1945 …

Jean Huttard brand is created and the vineyard restructured. Jean Jacques spends himself tirelessly to establish a viable wine-growing company and is becoming a pioneer in many respects.

1979 …

In the 1980s, Jean Claude and Martine took over. They work 8 hectares of vines and become “Independent Winegrowers” (we work our vines, grow our wines and only sell our own production). Taking up his father’s quality policy, Jean Claude voluntarily limits yields.

… 2014

We mainly produce micro-cuvées from specific area, where the richness of the terroir, the rigor of the winegrower lead to the creation of great wines: lieu-dit Lerchenberg, lieu-dit Burgreben – Grand Cru Sonnenglanz, Grand Cru Mandelberg, Grand Cru Schoenenbourg .

Martine is developing wine tourism in domain and the winefair across France.

Complementary, Antoine takes care of the vines and winemaking while Hélène takes care of sales and marketing. Innovation, youth, experience and rigor are the weapons of Antoine & Hélène who work to offer you the best of our vines with respect for Man, our Terroirs and our Landscapes.

2015 …


La Maison Jean Huttard prend un nouveau souffle avec l’arrivée d’Hélène et d’Antoine en 2015 et 2016 pour porter les valeurs de notre Maison et de notre région.

2015 …

Maison Jean Huttard takes on a new lease of life with the arrival of Hélène and Antoine in 2015 and 2016 to promote the values of our House and our region.


Complémentaires, Antoine s’occupe des vignes et des vinifications quand Hélène se charge de la commercialisation et du marketing. Innovation, jeunesse, expérience et rigueur sont les armes d’Antoine & d’Hélène qui travaillent pour vous offrir le meilleur de nos vignes dans le respect de l’Homme, de nos Terroirs et de nos Paysages.

Organic agriculture

2018, a new adventure for our House, while retaining the ideas initiated in the 1950s and 1980s. A bet on the commitment to sustainable agriculture, the pleasure of working the vines, and diversity; this step, this choice which naturally leads us towards Organic Agriculture.

Certified by Ecocert FR BIO 01


2020 is the year of renewal, enhancement and highlighting of previous generations. For 160 years, Maison Jean Huttard has created pure, terroir wines with the simple aim of delighting your taste buds.

For this 160th anniversary, we made the bet to modernize our workspace and the reception area. This renovation is a reflection of our personalities and is intended to be sustainable, ecological and contemporary. This new environment preserves the history of our house and we draw from it the energy and knowledge of previous generations.